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Wifey Style - Angel DeLuca (155 Photos) - Scoreland


What a fine spread. No, wait, that's later.

"Oh, honey, you're home early," says Angel DeLuca, rockin' it wifey style. "I was just getting dinner ready for you. But it's not ready yet. I'm so sorry."

No problem! Don't be sorry. Taking off that dress will set things right. Angel does so in record time. No waiting. Now she's totally naked, rockin' that voluptuous, curvy body and serving you herself on the dining room table. We said Angel can dish out a fine spread. No one turns down hot pie unless he's fucking crazy.

Angel likes to dress like a super-hottie. Because she is a super-hottie. We knew that from the first time she took off her bra for us. "I wear heels all the time but only if they're six inches or taller. I'll also wear tight jeans and very low-cut tops or anything else that emphasizes my tits. I love the attention that my boobs get. Though, it happens so much, I don't always notice."

When Angel crossed paths with Scarlet LaVey in the models' dressing room, they whipped…

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