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Squeezably soft Crystal Chase creates a teenage heatwave wherever she goes. This time she's joined by Rico Hernandez who's here to sex her up and sex her down.

Crystal Chase's hot girl advice to guys:

"Pay attention to the little things. Anyone can remember the big things but if you remember little things or small key details, I'll adore you forever."

Crystal Chase on Crystal Chase:

"My communication is simply unmatched. If there's anything about me, I'm too straightforward for a miscommunication. I'm really, really good with saying what I like and especially what I don't like. My eyes are incredibly expressive and I make faces a whole bunch. You can 100% read me based on my eyes alone. Oh, and my boobs! Did I mention they're super soft? Don't forget big!"

Crystal Chase on feeling sexy:

"I like wearing really sexy lingerie and dolling myself up. Wearing form-fitting clothing that are still semi-modest. I usually dress modestly. There's just something about you being the only one…

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