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Isa Gomez Takes Over iSCORELANDi - Isa Gomez (153 Photos) - Scoreland


"Do you like how they bounce? Would you like to suck my nipples? Do you like to see how my boobs hang? What will you think if I take off my thong?"

These questions and more are asked by Isa Gomez (pronounced E-Sa). Isa had us at "Do you like how they bounce?" Brain freeze by exposure to her super-natural tits reduced thinking ability to a minimum. All thinking halted when she asked about taking off her thong.

Isa debuted at XLGirls and now makes the jump to SCORELAND with this photo shoot and video. "I was born in Venezuela and I live in Colombia where I first met the people from SCORE a few years ago. We made good shoots together.

"I dress conservatively in public. I don't really dress to show off my breasts when I leave my home. There is no hiding breasts like mine. In general I like attention. I love to show off at times. I am not shy and I like to be appreciated. I go online and model for videos and photos, but in person, I can be shy at times and,…

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