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Lezzie Playtime


You two are so cute!

Jenna: "We may be cute, but we're naughty. Like Thelma and Louise."
Rilee: "Whenever I come into town to visit Jenna we always get in trouble! Tonight we're taking it easy and staying in to do oral."

What's your favorite part of fooling around with another girl?

Rilee: "I love kissing girls. They're always such good kissers and their lips are so soft. I also like their curves and how petite they are. And girls always smell good."
Jenna: "I like going down on girls and feeling their pussy lips around my mouth. They taste good. And for all the guys out there who want to know, Rilee's pussy tastes great. She really is my favorite girl to go down on. And she has the prettiest little pussy I've ever seen. I love spreading it open and looking inside her tight, virgin pussy."

Would you ever put on a show for a guy?

Rilee: "We are definitely both down for that. We've talked about it before, and we both think it would be a lot of fun to be…

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